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This gorgeously animated 5x3 slot offers 10 win lines and free Dragon Spins where the flight of the dragon triggers wild reels which lock once they reach the. Reel Keeper is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot from R7/Red Tiger with a % RTP. Click to find out more and try the free play demo! Reel Keeper is an online slot created by Red Tiger. This fantasy themed slot has five reels and 10 paylines with features including wild reels.

Reel Keeper

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Reel Keeper Slots - A Fabled Tale of Riches and Adventure Unfolds

There are few things that get the heart racing and the blood pumping quite like a brand new slot game hitting the online casino market. Few games have managed to generate the same levels of anticipation and hype as Reel Keeper Slots, a mythical, dragon-themed game filled with dragons, gold, and big win potential.

The Quest Begins...

The game was developed by Red Tiger Gaming and it's no surprise that it has generated so much interest, considering the reputation of this particular game developer. Red Tiger Gaming is famous for their high-quality gaming slots with stunning visuals, smooth animations, and attractive themes. Reel Keeper Slots is no exception!

A Sight to Behold

The game is beautifully designed with attention to detail. From the moment players start up the game, they are greeted with a stunning visual display that immerses them in a world of dragons, golden treasures, and kingdoms to be conquered. The rich colors and high-quality animation on display here truly set the perfect tone for what is about to come. From the dazzling golden Wild symbol, to the dragon scatters that can help trigger the bonus features, every inch of this game has been polished to perfection.

Do You Dare to Tame the Dragons?

Apart from the stunning visuals, what sets Reel Keeper Slots apart from others in the same genre is the sheer number of features and bonuses that are available. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines which all add up to make an attractive package with diverse and flexible betting options. But that’s not all, there are also a number of features that make this game unique and stand out from the crowd.

For starters, there is the Dragon Wild feature. Each time a player lands a Wild symbol on the reels, it will expand to cover an entire reel. This feature can lead to some impressive wins and add an extra layer of excitement to the game. The Dragon Spins bonus feature is another great addition to the game. This feature is triggered when players land three or more dragon scatter symbols on the reels. This feature can provide players with up to 10 free spins, which can be re-triggered again and again.

Final Verdict

Overall, Reel Keeper Slots is a game that truly delivers on its promises. It has a theme that is both engaging and exciting, and it has been executed with precision. The features and bonuses are varied and exciting enough to keep even the most seasoned slot player engaged and on the edge of their seat. I would highly recommend Reel Keeper Slots to anyone who is in the market for a new and exciting adventure in the world of online slot gaming.

Reel Keeper

A Winning Combination of Theme and Graphics: The Reel Keeper Slots

In the world of online casinos, slot games are a popular choice for many avid gamers. With hundreds of options available, game developers are constantly striving to create new and exciting themes that entice players. One of the most impressive slots in recent times is the Reel Keeper slot, which combines an exciting theme with stunning graphics for an engaging gaming experience.

Enter the Dragon's Den

The Reel Keeper takes place in a mystical world of dragons, where players enter the den to unveil hidden treasures and win jackpot prizes. In this thrilling adventure, players are accompanied by the dragon, which adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to the game.

The game's music and sound effects also play a crucial role in immersing players in the world of dragons. The epic soundtrack creates an atmosphere of mystery and adventure, while the sound effects add a layer of sensory stimulation and excitement to the game.

Engaging Graphic Design

The graphic design of the Reel Keeper is awe-inspiring, with attention to even the smallest detail. The game's reels are set against a backdrop of a dragon's lair, complete with glowing embers and cascading waterfalls. The dragon imagery is prominent throughout the game, with symbols featuring dragons, dragon eggs, and gold coins.

The game developers have used 3D imaging to create a realistic depth effect, and the animations within the game are smooth and seamless, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The symbols themselves are detailed and intricate, with the golden dragon standing out as the game's most prized symbol.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Reel Keeper offers a winning combination of theme and graphics that captivates players with its mystical world of dragons. The game's sound effects, music, and graphic design create an immersive experience that highlights the impressive attention to detail by the game developers.

Whether you are an experienced gamer or new to the world of online slots, the Reel Keeper is a must-try game. With its exciting gameplay and stunning graphics, it offers a truly immersive experience that is hard to replicate.
Reel Keeper online slot has 5 reels and 10 always-active pay lines. The minimum bet stands at coins, but you're welcome to set a stake as high as The. This gorgeously animated 5x3 slot offers 10 win lines and free Dragon Spins where the flight of the dragon triggers wild reels which lock once they reach the.

Reel Keeper Slots: A Guide to Playing the Game

Are you looking for a new and exciting online slot game to play? Look no further than Reel Keeper Slots! This game not only offers hours of entertainment, but it also gives you the chance to win big. In this article, we'll provide you with a guide on how to play Reel Keeper Slots and give you some tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

The Basics of Reel Keeper Slots

Reel Keeper Slots is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 10-payline game developed by Red Tiger Gaming. It features a fire-breathing dragon as the main character, and symbols include gems, dragon eggs, and golden crowns. The game also has a wild symbol and a free spins feature.

To start playing Reel Keeper Slots, simply choose your bet size and spin the reels. The goal is to land matching symbols on the paylines to win.

How to Increase Your Winning Chances

One way to increase your chances of winning at Reel Keeper Slots is to take advantage of the game's free spins feature. To activate the feature, you need to land three or more scatter symbols (represented by dragon eggs) anywhere on the reels. This will trigger ten free spins.

During the free spins feature, the wild symbol (represented by the dragon) will expand to cover the entire reel when it lands. This can greatly increase your chances of landing a winning combination.

Another tip is to keep an eye out for the golden crown symbol. This is the highest-paying symbol in the game, and if you manage to land five of them on a payline, you'll win 500x your bet!

Final Thoughts

Reel Keeper Slots is a fun and exciting game that offers plenty of opportunities to win big. By following these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of landing a winning combination and walking away with a big payout. So why not give it a spin today and see if you can tame the dragon? Good luck!
Reel Keeper is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot from R7/Red Tiger with a % RTP. Click to find out more and try the free play demo! Reel Keeper is an online slot created by Red Tiger. This fantasy themed slot has five reels and 10 paylines with features including wild reels.

The Thrill of Reel Keeper Slots: How to Win Big

It's a known fact that the online casino industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Among the numerous slot games available today, Reel Keeper stands out with its flawless graphics and engaging storyline. But what's even more appealing about this slot game is the chance to win big with just a few strategic moves.

Luck Is Not the Only Factor

The truth about slot games is that there's always an element of chance involved. But relying solely on luck is a risk you don't want to take if you're keen on winning big with Reel Keeper slots. Instead, you should focus on using your skills to increase your chances of landing a winning combination.

Get Acquainted with the Paytable

Before you get too caught up spinning the reels, it's important to first study the paytable. This table shows you how much each symbol is worth and how they relate to the game's winning combinations. By studying the paytable, you'll be able to determine which symbols to keep an eye out for during gameplay and how much you stand to win when you land them.

Make Use of the Free Spins Feature

Another strategy that Reel Keeper slots expert use in winning big is making use of the free spins feature. This feature is triggered when you land at least three scatter symbols. The more scatters you land, the more free spins you'll get. Free spins not only increase the chances of landing a winning combination but also multiply your possible winnings.

Maximize Your Bets

In any slot game, the size of your bet has a significant impact on the payout you can potentially win. With Reel Keeper slots, you should consider maxing out your bet to increase the value of your winnings. The game's high volatility rate may mean that you go through several spins without winning anything. But when you win, the payout could be life-changing.

Stay Calm and Collected

Last but not least, remember to keep your cool when playing Reel Keeper slots. Don't let frustration or excitement cloud your judgment while playing. Instead, approach the game with a level head, knowing that a winning combination could be just around the corner.

In conclusion, it's not just about luck when it comes to winning big with Reel Keeper slots. With a few strategic moves and a deep understanding of the game, you can maximize your winnings and enjoy the experience of this engaging slot game.
Reel Keeper slot is a powered by Red Tiger Gaming software which features 5 reels and 10 paylines. This new online slot is going to take you straight into. Reel Keeper is a slot machine by Red Tiger Gaming. According to the number of players searching for it, Reel Keeper is not a very popular slot.
Slot Data
Slot Name: Reel Keeper
RTP: 93.00%
Volatility: Low volatility
Number Of Lines: 10
Allow Demo: Yes
Has Free Spins: Yes
Top Win: 28000
Similar slots: Rotten, Astro Newts Megaways, The Incredible Balloon Machine, Jingle Spin
Slot category:
NZ Available in NZ? Yes. Reel Keeper have a NZGC license and are allowed to offer their games at NZ licensed casinos.
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