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Jackpot Jockey slot offers a Progressive Jackpot which seeds at $3,; Jackpot Jockey features 5 reels, 3 rows, 15 fixed lines; The high-paying symbol is the. Back a winnner in Jackpot Jockey based on the world of horse-racing, the game includes two bonus rounds Wilds, Scatters and a progressive jackpot. The Jackpot Jockey Slot has a pay-out percentage of %. Jackpot Jockey Features. Bonus Game: Free Spins – Picking Game. Jackpot: Progressive. Devices.

Jackpot Jockey

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The Excitement of Jackpot Jockey Slots

If you are a lover of horseracing and online slots, then Jackpot Jockey Slots is definitely the game for you. As an avid slots player, I have had the pleasure of reviewing this exciting game. And, let me tell you, it has exceeded all of my expectations.

The Thrills of the Racecourse

As you load the game, you will be immediately drawn into the world of horseracing. The sound of hooves pounding on the dirt track will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the starting gun to go off. And once it does, the true excitement begins.

The game is set over five reels and there are 15 paylines which you can bet on. The symbols on the reels include jockeys, horses, horseshoes and other racing paraphernalia. And let’s not forget the big prize; the Jackpot Jockey symbols which are reserved for the most skilled players.

Racing Themed Bonus Features

But what really sets this game apart from the rest are the racing-themed bonus features. One of which is the 'Wild Horses' feature, which can lead to big payouts. This feature occurs when the horse symbol fills the entire reel, allowing for a guaranteed win.

Another would be the 'Pick a Winner' bonus. This feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels. In this bonus feature, you get to choose between three horses to win the race. If your chosen horse ends up in first place, you will win a hefty prize.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Jackpot Jockey Slots is a fun and thrilling game that is perfect for horse racing enthusiasts and online slots players. With its racing-themed bonus features and exciting gameplay, it’s easy to see why this game has become so popular among the online gaming community. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your jockey’s cap, saddle up, and play the game!

Jackpot Jockey


Are you ready to ride the winning horse? Jackpot Jockey slots game might just be the kick you need to boost your gaming experience. This online slot game screams horseracing fever and will leave you at the edge of your seat.

As an avid sports enthusiast and passionate slots player, I couldn't resist taking a gallop in the world of Jackpot Jockey slots. With graphics so realistic you could smell the sweat of the horses and feel the adrenaline rush, this game was an instant standout. The attention to detail in both the theme and graphics is nothing short of exceptional.


The horse racing theme is beautifully woven into this game, with every detail reflecting the exciting atmosphere of the tracks. The reels are set against a backdrop of a racetrack, with the symbols depicting jockeys, horses, betting slips, medals, horseshoes and other sports-related icons. The sound effects of clapping crowds and whinnying horses make you feel like you're right there in the stands, cheering on your favorite racer.


The graphics are top-notch, with realistic 3D animations and artwork. The horse-jockey combinations are nothing short of breathtaking, with each jockey’s outfit corresponding with the colors of their horse’s saddle pad. The symbols are designed with incredible attention to detail, with the horses’ manes blowing in the wind and the jockeys’ hats flapping behind them as they speed towards the finish line.


All in all, Jackpot Jockey slots game ticks all the boxes when it comes to theme and graphics. From the exciting soundtrack to the stunning visuals, this online slot is a true embodiment of the horse racing world. Whether you're an avid slots player or someone looking to try out something new, this game is definitely worth a spin.

So, saddle up and ride your luck to victory with Jackpot Jockey slots today!
Jackpot Jockey is a slot game from themed on the thrilling world of horse racing. Players can gallop into big wins as they play this game featuring Jackpot Jockey slot offers a Progressive Jackpot which seeds at $3,; Jackpot Jockey features 5 reels, 3 rows, 15 fixed lines; The high-paying symbol is the.

The Thrill of Jackpot Jockey Slots: How to Play and Win Big

Are you ready for the thrill of horse racing? Jackpot Jockey Slots offers an exciting virtual race where you can be the jockey and take home the grand prize. But before you start your ride, let's go over the basics and learn how to play.

The Rules of Jackpot Jockey Slots

The game interface of Jackpot Jockey Slots consists of 5 reels and 15 paylines. The symbols you'll see on the reels are:

- Horses (with different colors and odds)
- Jockeys (with different outfits)
- Betting slips
- Winning cups (jackpot symbol)
- Wild symbols (based on the race theme)

Start Your Ride to Winnings

To start the game, you need to place your bet. Choose the amount you want to wager per spin, and select the number of paylines you want to activate. You can bet up to 50 coins per line. Once your bet is set, click the "Spin" button to start the race.

The goal is to make winning combinations by matching symbols on the paylines. The payout you receive depends on the symbols you hit and their respective odds. The highest-paying symbols are the winning cups, which can give you the jackpot prize if you get five of them on an active payline.

Get Ready to Race

Jackpot Jockey Slots offers a unique bonus feature where you get to race a horse. To activate this feature, you need to land three or more betting slips on the reels. Once you do, you'll be taken to a new screen where you need to choose a horse to ride.

The race consists of three rounds, and you'll need to choose the right path to get ahead of your opponents. Each round, you'll be given three choices, and you can win cash prizes and multipliers depending on how well you perform.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot Jockey Slots is an exciting game that offers not only a chance to win big but also a fun and interactive experience. Remember to keep an eye on the paytable and the odds of each symbol, and don't forget to activate all paylines to increase your winning chances.

Now that you know the basics, it's time to saddle up and ride to the top. Who knows? You might just be the lucky jockey to hit the jackpot. Good luck!
Back a winnner in Jackpot Jockey based on the world of horse-racing, the game includes two bonus rounds Wilds, Scatters and a progressive jackpot. The Jackpot Jockey Slot has a pay-out percentage of %. Jackpot Jockey Features. Bonus Game: Free Spins – Picking Game. Jackpot: Progressive. Devices.

The Thrill of Horse Racing and Winning: A Guide to Jackpot Jockey Slots

Many people love the excitement and thrill of horse racing. However, not everyone has the chance to attend these events live. Thankfully, Jackpot Jockey slots bring the high stakes of horse racing to your fingertips.

Understanding the Game and Strategies

To increase your chances of winning in this fast-paced game, it is essential to understand the underlying mechanics and strategies. Jackpot Jockey slots offer a five-reel layout with 15 different pay lines. The symbols represent various horses, jockeys, and gear, all related to horse racing.

The game offers various ways to win, including wild symbols and scatter symbols that can trigger bonus rounds to increase your winnings further. The game also features a progressive jackpot, which offers a massive payout for those lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

One strategy to win in Jackpot Jockey slots is to manage your bankroll and play conservatively. Always start with a low betting amount, and increase it only as you get familiar with game mechanics.

Additionally, you can maximize your chances of winning by focusing on the bonus rounds. These rounds offer additional opportunities to win, including free spins, multipliers, and additional payouts.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another critical aspect of playing Jackpot Jockey slots is to practice. Many online casinos offer free versions of the game, which you can use to practice without risking real money. Through practice, you can master the game and learn how to increase your chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot Jockey slots offer an exciting and thrilling way to experience the excitement of horse racing. By understanding the game mechanics and using smart strategies, you can increase your chances of winning and potentially hit the jackpot. Remember to play conservatively, focus on the bonus rounds, and practice regularly to master the game. Good luck!
Jackpot Jockey is a 5-reel, line online slot game with bonus round, download, bonus spins, instant play, autoplay, video slots, wild symbol. Jackpot Jockey slot is a five reels and three rows casino game with 15 payout lines. It is created by The game was launched across all devices in July.
Slot Data
Slot Name: Jackpot Jockey
Has Jackpot: Yes
RTP: 93.90%
Volatility: Low volatility
Number Of Lines: 15
Allow Demo: Yes
Top Win: 6000
Similar slots: Hoard of Poseidon, Fishermans Bounty Deluxe, Savannah Drums, Big Buffalo Badlands, Prosperity Ox, Pied Piper
Slot category:
NZ Available in NZ? Yes. Jackpot Jockey have a NZGC license and are allowed to offer their games at NZ licensed casinos.
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