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The Pharaoh Sun slot machine uses the Eye of Horus as a bonus trigger symbol. It's worth a huge , , or 4, coins when landing on three, four, or five. Unlock the mysteries of Power Xstream's Pharaoh Sun slot, which features jackpots and a reel set that can expand to ways to win. Pharaoh Sun® is an Egyptian themed game with stunning graphics, bright and engaging gameplay and massive linked progressive jackpots!

Pharaoh Sun

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Reviewing Pharaoh Sun Slots: A Golden Adventure

Pharaoh Sun Slots is an online casino game that takes players on an adventure to ancient Egypt. The game features colorful graphics, exciting sound effects, and thrilling gameplay options. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what makes Pharaoh Sun Slots so special.

The Gameplay

Pharaoh Sun Slots is a five-reel, three-row game with 243 ways to win. The game's symbols include classic slot machine icons like cherries, sevens, and a bar. But the real excitement comes from the game's theme-specific symbols.

Players will find themselves spinning images of the Eye of Ra, the Ankh, and King Tut's death mask. These symbols carry bigger rewards and trigger bonus features when lined up just right. In addition to the standard gameplay, Pharaoh Sun Slots features a cascading reel format that adds a level of intrigue to the game.

The Visuals

The game's graphic designers did an excellent job, creating a visually stunning game. The reels are set against a backdrop of the ancient Pyramids of Giza, with a deep blue sky and the sun setting in the background. The game's symbols are all crisp and clear, with attention to the smallest details.

The designers take full advantage of the Egyptian theme to come up with the game's backdrop and symbols. They even added some touches of Egyptian music and sound effects, immersing players in the game fully.

The Bonuses

Pharaoh Sun Slots features two exciting bonus features. The first is triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols on the reels. This takes players to a bonus game, where they can earn free spins and top up their balance. The second bonus feature of the game is triggered by the Pharaoh Sun symbol, which pays both ways and replaces all other standard symbols.


Pharaoh Sun Slots is one of the best online slots games on the market today, thanks to its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. The game's bonus features offer generous payouts, and the ancients Pharaoh theme makes it a stand-out title. Players who enjoy playing online slots casinos should give Pharaoh Sun Slots a try. It is a captivating game that offers the opportunity to hit significant wins and enjoy a golden adventure.

Pharaoh Sun

The Majestic World of Pharaoh Sun Slots Theme and Graphics

The world of online slots is full of surprises, and Pharaoh Sun slots is one such game where you can truly experience the charm of ancient Egypt. From the background music to the game symbols, every aspect of the game has been designed to immerse you in the majestic world of Egyptian civilization.

The Theme:
The slot machine's centerpiece is, without a doubt, the pharaoh himself. This symbol appears prominently throughout the game, along with other symbols such as scarabs, hieroglyphs, and ankh keys. The background features a beautiful scene of Egypt's pyramids illuminated by the setting sun.

The Graphics:

The graphics of the Pharaoh Sun slot machine game are exceptional. Every symbol and detail on the game screen have been beautifully illustrated to give the player an immersive gaming experience. The game controls are easy to operate, and the paytable is always accessible, which makes it even easier to play.

The Sound:
The background music of Pharaoh Sun slots is composed of soft, traditional Egyptian music that keeps you engaged and energized while playing the game. The sound effects are also perfectly synchronized with the animations and add to the overall gaming experience.

The Final Verdict:

In summary, Pharaoh Sun slots is a well-designed and immersive game that boasts stunning graphics and an impressive soundtrack. The attention to detail and the overall design of the game make it a pleasure to play. The game's exceptional features are an invitation to anyone looking to enjoy an immersive and high-quality gaming experience that lives up to expectations.
The Pharaoh Sun has the popular game feature PowerXStream where all wins pay left-to-right. The award is multiplied by the number of symbols that occur per. The Pharaoh Sun slot machine uses the Eye of Horus as a bonus trigger symbol. It's worth a huge , , or 4, coins when landing on three, four, or five.

Unraveling the Mystery of Pharaoh Sun Slots

Welcome to the world of Pharaoh Sun, the ancient Egyptian themed slot machine that will take you on a journey back in time. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to pass the time, then look no further. But before you start spinning those reels, there are a few things that you should know.

The Basics of Pharaoh Sun Slots

The first thing that you need to understand about Pharaoh Sun slots is that it's a game of chance. There are no special skills or strategies that can guarantee a win. It's all about luck and timing. Winning combinations are determined by the symbols that appear on the paylines. The more paylines you activate, the more chances you have to win.

How to Play Pharaoh Sun Slots

Playing Pharaoh Sun is easy, and it's important to start with setting your desired bet. You can use the arrows to increase or decrease the bet amount according to your budget and preferences.

Once you've set your wager, you can start spinning the reels. You will need to activate your desired paylines before clicking the 'spin' button.

Symbols will start falling once you hit the “spin” button in hopes of creating winning paylines. Some symbols award smaller payouts, and others an impressive amount of credits. Besides the classic symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A), you will encounter ancient Egyptian themed symbols such as Ankh, Scarab Beetle, Eye of Ra, and others.

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The Scatter Symbol in Pharaoh Sun slots is represented by the Golden Scarab Beetle. It can trigger Free Spins and it's the highest-paying symbol in the game. Whenever you land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels, you’re awarded Free Spins. You can get up to 15 Free Spins.

The Wild Symbol in Pharaoh Sun slots is represented by the Pharaoh Sun himself. It substitutes for any other symbol, except the Scatter and can help you complete paylines. Also, if you land five of them across the reels, you will be awarded the jackpot.

In Summarizing

Pharaoh Sun Slots is a fun and exciting way to enjoy some time at the online casino. With its classic Egyptian theme and easy-to-understand gameplay, it's a great choice for players of all skill levels. However, always remember to keep a budget to ensure responsible gambling practices. Now, it's time to start spinning those reels and see if the luck of the Pharaohs is on your side!
Unlock the mysteries of Power Xstream's Pharaoh Sun slot, which features jackpots and a reel set that can expand to ways to win. Pharaoh Sun® is an Egyptian themed game with stunning graphics, bright and engaging gameplay and massive linked progressive jackpots!

Unraveling the Secrets to Winning at Pharaoh Sun Slots

Are you tired of playing Pharaoh Sun slots without hitting the jackpot or any significant wins? Do you find yourself frustrated and unable to figure out what you're doing wrong?

Well, never fear because we have the inside scoop on how to win big at this popular slot game!

Understand the Game Mechanics

One of the crucial factors in winning at Pharaoh Sun slots is to understand the game mechanics. This game has five reels and ten pay lines, and it's up to you to match combinations on the reels.

To win, you need to match specific symbols, such as the Pharaoh, Scarab, and Eye of Horus, among others. The more symbols you manage to match, the better your payouts will be.

Make Use of Bonuses and Special Features

Another vital aspect that you can leverage to increase your chances of winning is the game's bonuses and special features. Keep an eye out for the Scarab symbol since it acts as the wild card and can substitute other symbols to complete winning combinations.

Additionally, always look out for the Pharaoh symbol, which is the scatter. If you manage to land three or more Pharaohs on the reels, you'll activate the bonus game that can bring you massive payouts.

Manage Your Bankroll Effectively

Finally, managing your bankroll is of utmost importance when playing Pharaoh Sun slots. Always set a budget and stick to it, and never chase your losses. Additionally, be sure to implement responsible gambling practices, such as taking regular breaks and not playing under the influence.

In conclusion, winning at Pharaoh Sun slots requires a combination of luck, understanding the game mechanics, leveraging bonuses and special features, and effective bankroll management. By taking these factors into account, you'll be well on your way to hitting the jackpot in no time!
With ways to win in the base game and up to 3, in the free spins bonus, Pharaoh Sun is an obvious choice for many slot players. It follows a clear. Pharaoh Sun is a 5-reel, line online slot game with bonus round, bonus spins, instant play, autoplay, video slots, wild symbol, scatter symbol.
Slot Data
Slot Name: Pharaoh Sun
RTP: 98.50%
Volatility: Low volatility
Number Of Lines: 243
Allow Demo: Yes
Top Win: 78000
Similar slots: Hyper Star, Pyramid King, Cleopatras Crown, Monster Pop, Crystal Prince
Slot category:
NZ Available in NZ? Yes. Pharaoh Sun have a NZGC license and are allowed to offer their games at NZ licensed casinos.
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