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Play Big Football Bonus. Have you been looking for a new place to play the worlds most exciting casino slots? At Oddsring Casino we provide our users with a. Big Football Bonus is a video slot from Inspired with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 50 paylines. You can place your money from the to the The RTP. Big Football Bonus has a 95% RTP. It's considered to be an average return to player game and it ranks # out of Average RTP slots.

Big Football Bonus

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Big Football Bonus Slots Review: A Game Changer

Football and online slot games are two of the most popular entertainment activities in the world. So, it's no wonder that game developers combine these two passions for a captivating gaming experience. Big Football Bonus slots is one such game that promises to offer a unique blend of football slot action, lucrative bonuses, and a chance to win big. Let's see if this game lives up to its hype.

The Theme and Graphics

This game is all about football, with football symbols and graphics that will make any fan feel right at home. The reels are set against a soccer stadium background, with football jerseys, cleats, and balls all symbols you'll find on the reels. The graphics are crisp and colourful, and the soundtrack and special effects will keep you motivated throughout the game.

The Gameplay and Bonuses

Big Football Bonus slots is a five-reel game, with 25 paylines and a 96.5% RTP. The game offers a range of bonuses such as free spins, wilds, and scatters that are designed to enhance your gaming experience. The most lucrative bonus feature is the Penalty Shootout Bonus, which is triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols on the reels. In this feature, you'll get a chance to score goals and win prizes up to 200x your original bet amount.

The Verdict

Overall, Big Football Bonus Slots is a game worth your time, especially if you're a football enthusiast. With its exciting gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and multiple bonuses, it's a game that's worth trying. Even if you are not a football fan, this game's bonuses and high RTP make it a worthwhile addition to any online casino's collection.

Final Score: 8/10

Big Football Bonus

Big Football Bonus Slots Theme and Graphics

Football-themed online slot games have become increasingly popular among passionate football fans and casino enthusiasts alike. The exciting gameplay, realistic graphics, and massive payouts are just a few of the reasons why these games have captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. However, not all football slots are created equal, and some stand out from the crowd with their impressive theme and graphics. In this article, we take a closer look at the Big Football Bonus Slots Theme and Graphics.

The Theme

The Big Football Bonus Slots game is designed to take players on a journey into the thrilling world of professional football. The reels are adorned with symbols of iconic football players, soccer balls, referees, and jerseys of popular football teams. The game's background depicts a massive football stadium, complete with cheering crowds and exciting match commentary that immerses players into the vibrant atmosphere of a live sports event.

The theme of Big Football Bonus Slots is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally well-executed. All of the symbols are designed to depict football-themed items accurately, which leads to an overall cohesive and believable theme. The sound effects further enhance the experience, with realistic cheering and clap tracks adding to the authentic feel of the game.

The Graphics

Big Football Bonus Slots takes the slot game graphics to a new level, with its high-definition display and excellent animations. The game’s graphics showcase top-quality design, and details such as the players’ jerseys, soccer balls, and stadium backgrounds are incredibly realistic. The brightly colored symbols stand out against the dark backdrop, making it easy for players to navigate the game and follow all the action.

The graphics in the Big Football Bonus Slots game are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. The symbols are easy to distinguish, and the game's interface is user-friendly. All of this leads to a seamless user experience and adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

The Summarizing

In conclusion, Big Football Bonus Slots is an exceptional slot game that expertly balances its theme and graphics to make for an extraordinary gaming experience. The game's attention to detail with its football-themed graphics, sound effects, and animations create an authentic atmosphere that draws players in and keeps them engaged. The high-quality graphics make the game visually stunning, and the well-executed theme makes for an immersive and enjoyable experience.

If you're a football fan and want to experience the thrills of a stadium atmosphere while also enjoying the excitement of a slot game, then Big Football Bonus Slots is the perfect game for you. Its high-quality design and unique style make it stand out from the crowd and are guaranteed to give players the best gaming experience. So, put on your favorite team’s jersey, take a seat, and get ready to score big with Big Football Bonus Slots.
Big Football Bonus is an Inspired Gaming slot that wants to please all fans of football. It offers free spins with guaranteed wins. Play Big Football Bonus. Have you been looking for a new place to play the worlds most exciting casino slots? At Oddsring Casino we provide our users with a.

Score Big with Football Bonus Slots


Football is not just a sport, it's a passion that runs deep in the veins of many people around the world. It's no wonder that software developers have created online slot games centered around football. Football Bonus Slots is one such game that offers an immersive experience and an opportunity to win big. In this article, we'll show you how to play the game and score big.

Understanding the Basics

Playing Football Bonus Slots is easy; it's a five-reel and twenty-five payline slot game. The reels have symbols that are typically associated with football. These symbols include soccer balls, boots, trophies, and jerseys, among others. To play the game, you simply need to set your bet amount and spin the reels. Winning combinations are formed when you land at least three matching symbols consecutively on the active paylines.

Remember, the more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning.

Furthermore, the game's bonus features can significantly increase your winnings. One such feature is the Penalty Shoot-Out Bonus Game. In this game, you need to score as many penalties as possible to earn cash prizes. Another bonus feature is the Free Spins game. Activated by landing three or more scatter symbols, this feature awards ten free spins with all winnings tripled.

Tips To Win Big

To increase your chances of winning big in Football Bonus Slots, you need to keep a few tips in mind. Firstly, always set a budget and stick to it. This helps you avoid spending more than you can afford to lose. Secondly, activate all the paylines to increase your chances of winning. Lastly, take advantage of the game's bonus features to increase your winnings. The Penalty Shoot-Out Bonus Game, for instance, can win you up to 100x your bet size.

Remember, luck plays a significant role in online slot games, but a little bit of strategy can go a long way in increasing your winnings.


Football Bonus Slots is a game that offers an immersive experience and an opportunity to win big. Understanding the basics, activating all the paylines, and taking advantage of the bonus features are crucial to increasing your chances of winning. Remember to keep a budget in mind and use a bit of strategy to make the most out of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Score big with Football Bonus Slots today!
Big Football Bonus is a video slot from Inspired with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 50 paylines. You can place your money from the to the The RTP. Big Football Bonus has a 95% RTP. It's considered to be an average return to player game and it ranks # out of Average RTP slots.

Big Football Bonus Slots: Unlocking the Winning Formula for Gamers

Football and online slot games offer a thrilling combination for sports enthusiasts and casino lovers. Big Football Bonus slots provide an immersive gameplay experience and offer the chance to win significant payouts while enjoying the beautiful game.

But how can you enhance your chances of winning and unlock the potential of these football-themed slot machines? It's not just a game of chance; there is a particular strategy involved.

The Art of Slot Machine Gaming

Before embarking on the exciting journey of playing Big Football Bonus slots, it's essential to understand the basic rules of slot machine gaming. One of the most crucial factors to consider is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

The RTP indicates the amount of money that a slot machine pays out to users in return for their wagers. A high RTP rate signifies greater chances of winning, the benchmark to aim for is over 97%. Therefore, players should research the RTP and opt for slots with a high rate.

Discovering the Big Football Bonus Secrets

Big Football Bonus slots offer big payouts and immersive gameplay that often spurs users to take risks on massive bets without a strategic approach. However, the key to winning is to play with caution and cultivate a deeper understanding of the slot game's mechanics.

One of the most coveted aspects of Big Football Bonus slots is the bonus round. Triggered by a specific combination of symbols, the bonus round opens an opportunity for players to win significant payouts.

To initiate the bonus round, players need to land three or more bonus symbols on an active payline. Once activated, players have various choices to make, each reflecting a different multiplier value. The higher the multiplier, the larger the payout, but the higher the risk.

Therefore it's important for players to review the paytable to understand the bonus round's stipulations as well as the winning symbols and possible combinations they can aim for in the standard game. This will help them better predict the outcome and strategy for the bonus round.

Maximize your Chances of Winning

To maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot in Big Football Bonus slots, you need to adopt a strategic approach. Firstly, lower-risk slots are generally preferred, particularly those with a high RTP rate. Secondly, the amount of time you play for can affect your chances of winning.

Players need to establish a budget and time frame that ensures a healthy gambling experience. Lastly, it's critical to understand and adopt a disciplined approach to gameplay, avoiding chasing losses and taking unnecessary risks.

To Conclude:

Big Football Bonus slots offer an exciting gameplay experience for both football and casino enthusiasts. Still, the art of winning requires a strategic and disciplined approach that incorporates research, understanding the slot's mechanics, and adopting a healthy attitude towards gameplay.

So, get ready to score big-time with Big Football Bonus slots!
Big Bonus is a 6x4 video slot, and is British based developers Inspired Gaming's take on a classic fruit machine. Inspired is a major player in both the. Packed with sticky Wilds, the Bonus lets players collect wins until they achieve a single spin equal to or greater than their Big Football.
Slot Data
Slot Name: Big Football Bonus
RTP: 92.07%
Volatility: High volatility
Number Of Lines: 50
Allow Demo: Yes
Has Free Spins: Yes
Top Win: 9000
Similar slots: Frozen Inferno, The Goldiator, Gallantry, Diamonds Delight
Slot category:
NZ Available in NZ? Yes. Big Football Bonus have a NZGC license and are allowed to offer their games at NZ licensed casinos.
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